Linguistics: The Science of Language

Expert consultation and support in all fields of linguistics

· Phonetics and phonology
· Morphology and syntax
· Semantics and pragmatics
· Sociolinguistics
· Historical linguistics
· Language acquisition
· Constructed languages (conlang)


English Language

Advanced ESL and in-depth knowledge for English learners

· Pronunciation
· Grammar
· Vocabulary and etymology
· English dialects and local variation
· Business, academic, and conversational styles


Student Support

Additional support for student success

· Study skills
· Time management
· Organization
· Research methods
· Exam and test-taking skills
· Degree and career planning


Writing Support

Assistance for English writing for all occasions

· Business English
· Academic English and essay writing
· Literary English and creative writing
· Spelling and grammar
· Clarity and precision
· Style and tone


Name Consulting

In-depth background, etymology, linguistic context, and advice for choosing or creating a name

· Business names
· Brand names
· Baby names
· Personal name changes